The MilkMan & Sons

Traditional Blues And Prohibition Jazz. Mixing originals with the classics and serving an assortment of acoustic instruments including vocals, harmonica, violin, banjo, bass and drums.
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Marcus Milius lends his skills to other groups in the studio and in the clubs.


Original music written for Jazz Trio with a country and folk flavor.

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    On this self-titled release, you will hear harmonica, guitar, and bass. Marcus Milius, Scott Kacenga, and Pete O'Connell are three Brooklyn musicians steeped in the jazz tradition and making their mark in original music. The various projects they are in are too numerous to mention here, so let's talk about the album... You hear many influences on this album, and pinning down a classification is difficult. In most cases you'll find Krasdale in the jazz section at music stores (do they even have music stores anymore?), however it is by no means a run of the mill jazz record. The all-acoustic instrumentation and soulful harmonies are as closely related to Americana as to jazz. This album was recorded in Brooklyn in two sessions. All tracks were recorded live, and any imperfections you may hear only add to the honesty of this album, and Krasdale deserves our appreciation for creating something truly original and beautiful.

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    The Cangelosi Cards

    Gypsy Jazz, Blues, and Swing featuring Vocals, harmonica, violin, guitar and bass.
    Anniversary Song.mp3

    It's Like Reaching For The Moon.mp3

    LA Soul

    The Marcus Milius Band has taken on many shapes and forms: from a Blues band to a Reggae band; from a six piece to a duo. It has played in Japan, England, Spain and across the USA. The album Going Downtown is the culmination of these experiences - an 11 song self propuced CD of originals that shows where the band has come from and where it is going. This CD has been a labour of love. Recorded on first takes mostly and few over dubs. Three guerrilla style recordings sessions spaced over three years. Recorded with some of Los Angeles' finest. This is what we call the LA Soul.
    Drown These Sorrows.mp3 | Little Sister.mp3

    Marshall Zar and theMilkMan

    This is a project in the works. Hear hip-hop meet blues as Marcus produces tracks for the rhymes of Lucky a new east coast MC to be reckoned with.
    I Can't Be Satisfied.mp3

    Raya Yarbrough

    Raya is a talented jazz singer, composer, and lyricist. Marcus is featured here on chromatic harmonic solo.
    The Impression of You.mp3

    NK Band

    Nikhil's group is a fun live jam band , but tight in the studio. The group is lead by singer, guitarist and composer Nikhil Kohrula and features some of Marcus' diatonic harmonica playing.


    This is an South-Asian hip-hop group. The following track was co-written and co-produced by Marcus and features him on vocals and harmonica.


    Ambient and Dub from drummer/producer Robbin Harris who engineered theMilkMan. This track features Marcus on chromatic harmonica.
    Lost Love Remix.mp3

    Yo-Yo Ma

    Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs of Joy & Peace
    Track 20. This Little Light of Mine

    The Willowz

    The Willowz: Chautauqua
    Track 3. Jubilee

    Bari Hyman

    Bari Hyman: Speak Low
    Track 6. To Say Goodbye - Don't Get Around Much Anymore
    Track 9. Song For You

    Anthony Verruso

    Anthony Verruso: The Thrill Of It All
    Track 7. The Nearness Of You/p>