Student Testimonials

"Marcus is more than a teacher. His approach is intended to make MY creative energy explode. He does it every week."
-Dennis Gronim, Sr. Vice President, Colonial Hardware Corporation
"I took Marcus's Advanced Harmonica class at New School in the summer of 2004, and by the end of the first meeting, we had a group jam session going with Marcus as the conductor. As for my skill level, my playing improved each week by leaps and bounds. He sees the strengths and weaknesses in each student and emphasizes which areas needs improvement; he turns an average harmonica player into a bona fide musician. By the end of the course, I had enough confidence to play in open Blues Jams around the city and I have been involved in many bands and musical endeavors since."
-Jeremy Lange, New School University Student
"Marcus is wonderful. My seven-year-old son has learned a tremendous amount from him, and has absolutely loved his lessons. Marcus leads the lessons, but is willing (eager, even) for my son to help choose the musical direction. For example, my son loves classical music, so Marcus has found or created scores for classical pieces. But Marcus is also introducing him to music my son would otherwise not hear. My son can now read music, and is starting to have jam sessions with Marcus, which is both fabulous and hilarious. My son is starting to have music conversations with me that I cannot follow, since Marcus also appears to be throwing some music theory into the mix as well. All in all, an A plus."
-Mother of Manhattan Chromatic Harmonica Student
"Marcus is a master harmonicist and a fabulous teacher. He combines easy-to-learn techniques with music theory. You'll blow away your friends in no time with soulful blues riffs. Harmonica lessons quickly became the highlight of my week."
-Manhattan diatonic harmonica student
"Marcus has a special talent for seeing what is unique and creative in a student. He has a very organized approach to the instrument and has broken down the difficult art of note bending so that it is very accessible. Playing harmonica to his guitar accompaniment is always a joy."
-Brooklyn Diatonic Harmonica Student
"Marcus has been teaching our Learning Disabled son for four months. He is very patient and always finds ways to keep him engaged in the lessons. Marcus takes extra time to get to know the student and find out what kind of music keeps them excited about learning. Our son wants to practice and improve every week. He is very proud of his guitar skills and Marcus always gives him the positive reinforcement that he needs. He is not just his teacher, he is a role model. We are eternally grateful."
-Mother of Brooklyn Guitar Student
"Harp is such a personal instrument, you need to find a teacher you are comfortable with. One that motivates you and encourages you. Additionally, you want one steeped in a variety of musical genres and knows the history behind the music: Jazz, blues, rock and soul. Marcus Milius stands out in each of these areas."
-Bronx Diatonic Harmonica Student
"It is difficult for me to write a single quote about the Professor because he has made such a profound impact on my life. I have always had a love and passion for music, as a listener and as a dancer. I have always had a particular love for the sound of the harmonica. To me there is an intimacy about the way the instrument is played and the way that it sounds. Its music is like words to me. I was blessed to find the Professor and begin working with him about 2 years ago. As a perfectionist who has never played an instrument before, I have struggled to get out of my own way in my process of learning to make music. The Professor has been patient and gentle with me even as I have been impatient and harsh with myself. He has listened to me on so many levels. He has given me so many different opportunities to learn and grow. He has tried many different tactics to sneak past my critic and little by little we are finding the music that is trapped inside of me. He has been such an important part of my adult life. He has given me a safe environment to be in my 30's and to be a complete beginner at something new. I can never thank him enough for helping me find this particular voice of mine!"
-Brooklyn Diatonic Harmonica Student
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