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Original music written for Jazz Trio with a country and folk flavor.

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    On this self-titled release, you will hear harmonica, guitar, and bass. Marcus Milius, Scott Kacenga, and Pete O'Connell are three Brooklyn musicians steeped in the jazz tradition and making their mark in original music. The various projects they are in are too numerous to mention here, so let's talk about the album... You hear many influences on this album, and pinning down a classification is difficult. In most cases you'll find Krasdale in the jazz section at music stores (do they even have music stores anymore?), however it is by no means a run of the mill jazz record. The all-acoustic instrumentation and soulful harmonies are as closely related to Americana as to jazz. This album was recorded in Brooklyn in two sessions. All tracks were recorded live, and any imperfections you may hear only add to the honesty of this album, and Krasdale deserves our appreciation for creating something truly original and beautiful.

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