About Me

As easily overlooked and as seriously underappreciated as the sell-by date on that lethal carton of yogurt in the back of your refrigerator, was the date of production of L.A.�s most delicious jazz chromatic harmonica player and blues and poetry crooner, Marcus Milius. Not even his mama was prepared for what would come that seventh month of that seventh year of that seventh decade as the doctor prophesized he would be a son of a gun.

Marcus was raised on a strict diet of his father�s LPs: John Lee Hooker, Tom Waits, Eddie Harris, Stevie Wonder, Dr. John, and Bob Marley, among others. It was not long before that unused piece of family furniture -the piano- was finally disturbed, and soon his mother�s guitar also was under attack.

It was only a matter of time until he had to cook up a little something of his own and began his culinary studies in harmonica, which culminated in the completion of the first-ever degree in Jazz Studies harmonica granted by the University of Southern California.

At the same time he, was stewing in the L.A. jazz and blues kitchen, and performed or recorded with such master chefs as: Yo-Yo Ma, James Moody, Anthony Wilson, Pete Chrislieb, Bobby Bryant Sr., Brian Lynch, Conrad Herwig, Ronald Muldrow, Dave Scott, Clay Jenkins, Roberto Miranda, Tom Renier, Art Webb, Carol Rodgers, and Barbara Streisand. Garage bands to casuals, rock to jazz, and blues to Brazilian, -no flavor went unsavored.

He traveled the world, playing in China, Japan, England, Scandinavia and Spain, finding the ingredients for something unique and original in each location. Marcus continues to spice it up with like-minded musicians, serving up the music you now have before you: a collection of what has come before, of what is now, and what is yet to be.

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